Put automated workflows to work and process form submissions faster than ever.

Eliminate endless email follow-ups, calls, and paperwork (and all the headache they bring) in routine admin business processes & reclaim your productivity.

Easily automate your routine business processes

Automate anything that includes a form: Vacation Requests, Purchase Orders, Admissions Forms, RFPs, Project Initiation Plans, Case Management... The use cases are virtually endless.

Handle resubmissions smoothly

Edit submissions in the frontend before approval

Implement feedback & review loops and let users modify their forms' entries and re-submit for approvals.


Implement your business process automation within hours (without IT)

Simple and easy to use

Configure even the most complex, conditional, and multi-step workflows with Gravity Flow's 40+ ready-to-use steps and a simple drag and drop process builder functionality. Adapt as your process matures. You don't need any programming or technical knowledge or complex training.


Detailed reporting

Keep track of performance

Detailed reports show how long each task is taking and surface bottlenecks BEFORE they become a problem.


Execute processes for anyone who makes a form submission

Anyone can participate in workflows

Roll out automated processes for everyone (from registered users like employees and suppliers to potential customers who don't yet have an account with you) — workflow participants don't need to have user accounts.


Features and Benefits of Gravity Flow

Need expert help in identifying and creating the perfect automated workflows for your business?

Gravity Experts are here to make it happen.

Gravity Experts is a service from the Gravity Flow team built to find and design the best automation solutions for you, including any bespoke solutions you may need.