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Each Gravity Flow License INCLUDES
a Starter License of Gravity Forms for the first year
(so you don't have to buy Gravity Forms separately).

Ultimate License

Ideal for most businesses
$447 /year
+ VAT (for EU & UK customers) 50 sites
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Unlimited Users & Workflows
  • All Extensions

Pro License

$299 /year
+ VAT (for EU & UK customers) 3 Sites
  • Everything in the Core license plus…
  • Flowchart Extension
  • Checklists Extension
  • Folders Extension
  • Vacation Requests Extension

Core License

$99 /year
+ VAT (for EU & UK customers) 1 Site
  • Automatic Updates
  • Standard Support
  • Unlimited Users & Workflows
  • Live Chat Support
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Extensions (Available to buy separately.)


Need expert help designing and setting up the perfect Gravity Flow workflows?

Gravity Experts are here to make it happen.

Gravity Experts is a service from the Gravity Flow team built to identify and build the best automation solutions for you, including any bespoke solutions you may need.


"I was simply amazed that I was able to not only download it and install it in minutes but build the workflow and implement a process in just a few hours. Our company had been tracking requests manually by email and spreadsheets and it was always difficult to track any progress or changes to the tracker. Data was always lost and who knows what version the spreadsheet was on. This solved that problem and more. Not only we were able to keep every record in one place but track progress and follow up on everything we put through Gravity Flow. Deadlines were met and no more questions about the spreadsheet tracker.

If you own a business or work in an environment that requires approvals, tracking, and needs to speed up any process I would highly recommend this tool. The amount of information and support you get is awesome!"
“We use Gravity Flow for enrollment of students, plus annual forms and processes required by state law. We are a large public school district in the state of Ohio. We use Gravity Flow to run workflows like central enrollment, field trip requests, professional development leave, and continuing education credits.

Using central enrollment as an example: Parents complete the enrollment form via a simple form interface. In accordance to the Gravity Flow logic, the form is routed to the relevant schools, central office, and finally back to the parent.

Schools in Ohio are constantly presented with registration solutions and/or workflow solutions that cost between $65,000 to $90,000 a year. Needless-to-say, Gravity Flow is a wonderful, cost effective solution to many of the process we encounter in the public school setting."
"Prior to using Gravity Flow, our company printed out forms for employees to submit to their supervisors for approval. These printed forms were often lost, accidentally thrown away, or forgotten on a desk. Gravity Flow is able to send reminders automatically to ensure the forms are completed in a timely fashion.

Gravity Flow has simplified processes that previously caused many problems. I would recommend this system to anyone looking to create fast and easily customizable workflows in an environment where printing, scanning, emailing and printing again is common practice.

Gravity Flow has full audit trail and reporting which we have found to be very useful. We are able to generate reports based on key fields in the form that produce statistics for management to utilize."
"Gravity Flow has been heavily leveraged to optimize the typical handoffs between departments. From vacation requests and approvals, to mileage reimbursement requests, to many department-specific workflows, Gravity Flow has been used to automate many workflows that were previously paper-based and to replace workflows that were previously implemented in a SharePoint system that was prone to issues.

Since implementing Gravity Flow, turnaround time has been reduced to just a few minutes instead of days or weeks.

Our group is seen as a hero because of Gravity Flow. We are able to rapidly implement complex workflows, and then work with the business groups to tweak them as necessary as they get used in the real world."
“Gravity Flow is the best thing since Gravity Forms. One of the most powerful, intuitive plugins I’ve ever used. It has saved us thousands and did more than we ever expected.”
“Since using Gravity Flow, we now have an increased capacity to close approved loans faster, which is what really matters to us and to our borrowers. We now have a 14 day turnaround time which is unheard of in our industry where excellent is at least 30 days. While we did not apply Gravity Flow to our processing pipeline, we were able to spot errors and missing information earlier in the sales process so we could correct it before the loan made it to processing and clogged up the pipeline. We also introduced a CRM at the same time, but the flexibility of Gravity Flow allowed us to standardize and automate auxiliary processes that our CRM and Loan Software were not designed to handle. All of these changes, allowed us to change our culture to more of a manufacturing mindset, from beginning to end, giving us benefits of saving time, information retention, enhanced communication and clearer reporting.“
“With Gravity Flow, we managed to develop a complex and customized vacation workflow system with several different layers and steps, simplifying the vacation request process for our users. Gravity Flow is a highly customizable workflow solution, and it allowed us to create the exceptions and add the specific features our process needed. With the assistance of the exceptional support Gravity Flow provides, we were able to develop a vacation workflow solution that not only saves us time but also money in managing our requests.

The process that used to take several days to be completed can now be completed in a manner of minutes in a comprehensive and easy way.“


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gravity Flow?
Gravity Flow is a WordPress workflow plugin that works on top of the Gravity Forms plugin and helps you automate all the processes that you apply to your form submissions to track them to closure. It automates a lot of your admin work.

What do I need to use Gravity Flow?
The minimum requirements to use Gravity Flow are:
– The latest version of WordPress.
– The latest version of Gravity Forms. (We offer you a starter license of the Gravity Forms plugin at no additional charge for the first year, so you don’t have to buy it separately when you’re only starting.)

What are the alternatives?
SaaS business automation solutions for automating form-based admin processes charge a fee per user or process. So costs pile up fast. Plus, you host your data on your solution providers’ servers. With Gravity Flow, you get to automate unlimited processes for any number of users for a simple annual fee. And your data stays safely on your servers.

Can I upgrade after purchasing?
Yes, you can upgrade any time for the new license’s price minus your current license’s cost. An upgrade doesn’t impact the expiration date. Extensions will need to be bought separately.

I only need Gravity Flow for one site on a multisite installation. Which license do I need?
The only license which supports multisite is the Ultimate license. The Ultimate license supports unlimited subsites — ideal for intranet sites. Unfortunately, we don’t have a discounted single-site version for any of these licenses.

Can I try Gravity Flow? Do you have a demo?
Yes, you can take Gravity Flow for a spin on our demo site. When you’re ready, sign up. You’re backed by our solid 30-day refund guarantee.