Workflow Automation for WordPress Developers

 A 5-part course on using workflow automation to set yourself apart from the competition

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Set yourself apart from the competition

with workflow automation.


WordPress developers face a lot of competition in today’s marketplace. There’s a growing need for devs that can do more than just build websites.

Workflow automation in particular is growing as a need for many clients. The good news is that any developer can learn and implement workflow automation into their current web-based offerings.

And we’ve developed a free course for you to do that. It’s called Workflow Automation for WordPress Developers.

In this 5-part crash course, you’ll learn:

  • Day 1: Why developers should learn workflow automation
  • Day 2: Workflow automation 101: Getting started in WordPress
  • Day 3: Workflow automation 102: Creating a basic workflow using Gravity Flow
  • Day 4: Workflow automation 103: Creating complicated workflows
  • Day 5: How to sell clients on the value of workflow automation.

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