Gravity Flow helps Nuush design Bespoke Nutrition plans for their clients

The Client: 

Nuush is a nutrition and lifestyle company that sells subscriptions for access to nutrition plans, with the primary aims of helping people have a better relationship with food and getting them active outdoors in the health-giving power of nature.

The Problem:

Up until September 2020 Nuush had been running their business on a custom-built system coded by a couple of fresh-out-of-university students who were looking to build their own portfolio and start their own web design company. Although it worked really well, it had its flaws and it was clear that as web standards progressed, a more robust, directly-managed solution was necessary. 

It was clear that Nuush could benefit from bringing everything in-house. Thomas Jonston, their site manager, told us:

“We’re a tiny team of three and none of us are coders, but I have healthy knowledge of WordPress and knew that with its incredible ecosystem of plugins we’d be able to recreate, and eventually improve upon, what we already had.”

One of the major challenges came when they came to rebuild their client-facing workflows

“One of the biggest hurdles was recreating our Bespoke Nutrition plans where a client submits a detailed schedule for the upcoming week, we’d use that information to write a unique nutrition plan for them which they accessed through their account. They could then add feedback through the week and we’d respond accordingly. In the original custom-built system it was all contained and logical.” 

“In WordPress I knew I could recreate all of the forms (schedule, nutrition plan, feedback) with Gravity Forms – and make them look good – but I had no idea how to link them and make one flow into the next in that self-contained way.” 

The Solution

Gravity Flow enabled Thomas to recreate the entire Bespoke Nutrition workflow himself – even if it wasn’t entirely plain sailing to start with.

“It’s fair to say that I struggled with the power of Gravity Flow. I knew it could do what I needed but I couldn’t make sense of the workflow processes involved – nothing to do with the plugin itself; the actual logical process of mapping out the steps was beyond me! I want to compliment the high level of support I got from the Gravity Flow team while rebuilding my business in WordPress who went above and beyond to help me. I’m truly grateful, because without the Gravity Flow plugin, and their incredible support, a core part of my business simply wouldn’t exist, or at least it would be a heck of a mess if it did!”

Gravity Flow is an invaluable tool for anyone creating multi-step workflows that require close attention to clients’ needs. 

  • Implement feedback and review loops, letting users modify form entries and re-submit for review
  • Implement automation in hours with Gravity Flow’s 40+ ready-to-use steps allowing you to configure even the most complex, conditional, and multi-step workflows without any programming or technical knowledge
  • Implement detailed reporting to show how long each task is taking and surface bottlenecks before they become a problem

If you also want to design powerful and effective customer-facing workflows, why not get started with Gravity Flow today? 

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