All Extensions Updated

All the extensions have been updated and are now available to download from the account area and via auto-update on the WordPress plugins page.

These are maintenance releases that adds support for the license key constants and also, in some cases some bug fixes.

License Key Constants

The following license key constants have been added to the extensions:


When the license key is set then the license key setting will be hidden. If there are no other settings available on the settings page then the settings page for the extension will not be displayed.

For example, add the following line to your wp-config.php file:


The constants require Gravity Flow 2.4.4.

This brings the extensions inline with Gravity Flow which has had the GRAVITY_FLOW_LICENSE_KEY constant for a while.

Additional Updates

Gravity Flow PDF Generator Extension 1.2

  • Fixed an issue where pdf filename is not passed through the gravityflowpdf_file_name filter before creation.
  • Updated mPDF to version 7.1.
  • Updated minimum PHP requirements to PHP5.6.

Gravity Flow Vacation Requests Extension v1.3

  • Added a confirmation when deleting a form with a Vacation field.

Gravity Flow Incoming Webhooks Extension v1.2

Gravity Flow Form Connector v 1.6

  • Updated Gravity_Flow_Step_Update_Entry::get_entry_lookup_search_criteria() to support processing merge tags. Credit: Jake Jackson, Gravity PDF.

Gravity Flow Checklists Extension v1.2

  • Added the filter gravityflowchecklists_form_title to allow the display of form titles in the checklist to be modified.
  • Fixed some styles.



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