Gravity Flow v1.1.1 released

Gravity Flow version 1.1.1 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

In addition to fixing some bugs, this version and adds some important new features.

The status and navigation labels can now be customised easily in the settings. So, now you can choose to display ‘Declined’ instead of ‘Rejected’ or ‘Tasks’ instead of ‘Inbox’.

There’s better support for imported entries and legacy entries – entries that were submitted before the workflow steps were created. Restart the workflow from the bulk actions in the status list.

This version also provides the foundation for the new Gravity Flow Extensions that are currently in testing.

What’s new in Gravity Flow v1.1.1

– Added the Restart Workflow bulk action to the status page.
– Added the id_column attribute to the shortcode so the ID column can be hidden.
– Added entries to the status page which were created before steps were added.
– Added support for custom status labels.
– Added support for custom navigation labels.
– Added support for the Signature Add-on in the shortcode.
– Added step icons to the step list.
– Updated the submit page to display the forms in alphabetical order.
– Fixed an issue with the assignee field where the placeholder doesn’t work correctly.
– Fixed an issue with Gravity PDF integration in certain situations which prevents the PDF from attaching.
– Fixed an issue with the merge tags in the assignee reminder email.
– Fixed an issue with the assignee field where the number 1 appears at the top of the lists of users and fields.
– Removed the redundant ‘workflow: notification step’ event in the Gravity Forms notification settings.
– API: Added the Gravity_Flow_Extension class.

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