Gravity Flow v1.4.2 released

Gravity Flow version 1.4.2 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page. If you have background updates available then it will update automatically.

This is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes, minor new features, an Italian translation and new hooks.

What’s new in v1.4.2

– Added the users role filter setting to the Workflow User and Assignee type fields.
– Added support for deleting Discussion field comments on the entry detail edit page.
– Added the Rich Text Editor setting support to the Discussion field. New fields only.
– Added the gravityflow_inbox_sorting filter to allow the sorting criteria to be modified before search for entries in the inbox. See
– Added the gravityflow_reverse_comment_order_discussion_field filter allowing the comments to be reversed before being displayed.
Example: add_filter( ‘gravityflow_reverse_comment_order_discussion_field’, ‘__return_true’ );
– Added Italian translation – thanks to Giacomo Papasidero.

– Updated to support the Gravity Forms 2.1 field visibility setting changes.
– Updated the inbox and status pages to remove the dependency on the entry list columns when form and field ids are specified.
– Updated the notification step to prevent the selected notifications being sent during form submission.
– Updated the last updated column on the status list to display the date created when the entry has not been updated.

– Fixed an issue where step conditional routing rules based on the entry id would not be evaluated correctly.
– Fixed an issue with duplicate Final Status choices, such as Complete, being added to the entry meta filters.
– Fixed an issue with the user input step update button which caused the signature field to fail validation.
– Fixed an issue with the workflow link/url merge tags when the specified page does not exist.
– Fixed an issue with the coupon field on the user input step when there are no editable product fields (GF Coupons v2.3.2 required).
– Fixed an issue where a feed add-ons delay_feed() method was not being called when the feed was intercepted.
– Fixed an issue with the step status showing as complete before the step processing has started.
– Fixed an issue with empty sections being displayed on the entry detail view.
– Fixed an issue with the sidebar shortcode attribute for the status page.
– Fixed an issue with dynamic assignee routing where the assignees don’t update correctly after changing the value of a dependent field.
– Fixed a fatal error when the next step doesn’t exist.
– Fixed an issue with the inbox and status shortcodes where the form is specified without fields.
– Fixed an issue with the conditional routing where conditions specifying the User are ignored.
– Fixed an issue with imported forms. Fixed in Gravity Forms

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