Gravity Flow v1.4 Released

Gravity Flow version 1.4 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This is a feature release that includes support for the WP E-Signature plugin by ApproveMe, integration with more Gravity Forms Add-Ons, new settings and some bug fixes.

Highlights in v1.4

Integration with WP E-Signature by ApproveMe 

approveme-esignature-logoGravity Flow now includes built-in support for the WP E-Signature plugin by ApproveMe. Administrators can add workflow steps at any point in the process to collect legally binding document signatures using the WP E-Signature plugin by ApproveMe.

Gravity Flow Step Type: WP E-Signature

Further details in the documentation.

Integration with more third party add-ons

In addition to support for WP E-Signature we’ve also added support for the following great third party Gravity Forms add-ons all available in the WordPress plugin repository:

….and 2 more official Gravity Forms Add-Ons

Enhanced expiration settings

The new expiration settings now make it easier to route the workflow to a special step in the case of expiration. This is great for escalation processes.

Gravity Flow Expiration settings

New Translations

Gravity Flow is now available in over 9 languages:

  • English (US &UK)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • German (Germany)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • French (France)
  • Chinese (China)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian (Russia)
  • Turkish (Turkey)

See the status of each translation here:

What’s New In Gravity Flow v1.4

– Added support for delaying the workflow until after PayPal payment.
– Added “Reminder:” to the subject line of reminder notifications.
– Added the Custom Timestamp Format setting to the Discussion field appearance tab.
– Added the {workflow_inbox_url} and {workflow_inbox_link} merge tags.
– Added the “Expired” status to the approval and user input steps.
– Added the “Next step if Expired” sub-setting to the expiration settings.
– Added support for GravityPDF v4.0 to the User Input step.
– Added support for merge tag replacement in HTML fields for the User Input and Approval Steps.
– Added support for configuring a step to process feeds for the Gravity Forms Breeze and Dropbox add-ons.
– Added support for configuring a step to process feeds for the following third-party add-ons:
Drip Email Campaigns + Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms ConvertKit Add-On, Gravity Forms Signature Add-on by ApproveMe (WP E-Signature), HubSpot for Gravity Forms, Sliced Invoices & Gravity Forms
– Added support for admin-only fields to be used in conditional logic in Gravity Forms 2.0.
– Added the gravityflow_inbox_entry_detail_pre_process filter to allow the entry detail processing to be aborted.

– Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 1.9.14.
– Updated feed interception to use the gform_is_delayed_pre_process_feed filter with GF1.9.14+ or gform_pre_process_feeds filter with GF2.0+.

– Fixed a fatal error in the admin actions when sending to a step which completes the workflow immediately.
– Fixed an issue with the workflow being started when an incomplete entry is saved by the Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On.
– Fixed an issue when sending to another step when the current step is queued.
– Fixed an issue with assignees which don’t exist being assigned to the step e.g. when an email field doesn’t have a value.
– Fixed an issue with the step flow when the destination step is not active or conditions met.
– Fixed an issue with the reminders not being sent when steps are repeated.
– Fixed an issue with the status page preventing the workflow user, assignee and role fields from being displayed.
– Fixed an issue with the admin actions button on the user input step when form button conditional logic is enabled.
– Fixed a performance issue with the user input step.
– Fixed an issue with the display of Section fields on the user input step.
– Fixed an issue with the Discussion field when an in progress user input step is redisplayed following a successful update.
– Fixed an issue with the Discussion field when the form or user input step returns a validation error.
– Fixed notice caused by step processing occurring when the associated feed add-on is inactive.
– Fixed an issue with add-on feed interception running when the step is inactive.
– Fixed a fatal error which could occur if a Zapier step is configured and the add-on isn’t active during step processing.

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