Gravity Flow v1.8 released

Gravity Flow version 1.8 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This is a feature release that adds support for the new Chained Selects Add-On, significant enhancements to workflow notes and the discussion field, assignee policies for conditional routing, security enhancements and important bug fixes.

Highlights in v1.8

Support for Chained Select Fields

The Chained Selects Add-On is a powerful new official Gravity Forms add-on which allows you to “chain” multiple dropdowns together. Selected options filter the available options in the next dropdown until the chain is complete. We’ve updated Gravity Flow so Chained Select fields can now be used in all workflow steps.

Workflow Notes Enhancements

We know that customers use the workflow note a lot so we’ve added some more features to allow the note to be even more powerful. The workflow note is used by assignees can to record messages for auditing purposes and to communicate important messages to other assignees later on in the workflow. As a reminder. this is what the workflow note field looks like on the workflow detail page:

Now, in Gravity Flow v1.8, if a note is required for the workflow step, the inbox quick action will prompt the user to enter a text.

We’ve had a lot of requests for the note to be used in merge tags later on in the workflow, not just in the timeline and the approval notifications. So in v1.8, the workflow note can now be displayed anywhere that supports Gravity Flow merge tags including the workflow instructions setting for the next step using the {workflow_note} merge tag.  You’re not limited to just the latest note either; you can now display the notes from any step in the workflow, e.g. {workflow_note:step_id=123}. If you want to display the user’s name or the date next to the note you can use the display_name, and display_date merge tag attributes e.g. {workflow_note: step_id=5 display_name=true display_date=true}.

Discussion Field Enhancements

The Discussion field is great for keeping a record of conversations between assignees. The Discussion field merge tag now supports the “latest” and “limit” modifiers. For instance:

{my discussion field:3: latest } – displays the latest message in the discussion. This is great if you want to send only the latest message in an email to another assignee.

{my discussion field:3: limit=4 } – display the latest 4 messages in the discussion.

Assignee Policies for Conditional Routing

The approval policy is now supported for conditional assignee routing. Previously, conditional routing would require all the assignees to complete the step. Now you can specify that only one assignee is required to complete the step.

Entry Meta in Step Conditional Logic

The conditional logic step setting now includes additional entry meta fields including the status of other steps, payment status and the created_by field. This going to make workflow design even easier and more powerful.

What’s New in Gravity Flow v1.8

– Added the workflow note field to the quick actions in the inbox. The note field is only displayed when required by the step settings.
– Added support for editable fields on the User Input step with calculations based on non-editable and/or non-display fields.
– Added the gravityflow_columns_status_table filter to allow the columns to be filtered on the status table.
– Added the gravityflow_field_value_status_table filter to allow the field values to be filtered on the status table.
– Added support for first, latest, and limit modifiers on the Discussion field merge tag e.g. {label:2:first}, {label:2:latest}, and {label:2:limit=3}.
– Added a class name to the entry detail table for the current step.
– Added support for using the {workflow_entry_link}, {workflow_entry_url}, {workflow_inbox_link}, {workflow_inbox_url}, {workflow_note} and {assignees} merge tags in Gravity Forms notifications.
– Added “Cancelled” to the final status entry meta options available in entry filters.
– Updated the note for expired steps to include the step name.
– Updated step conditional logic to support rules based on entry meta and properties.
– Updated the User and Role type fields so the step conditional logic rule value will use the choice drop down instead of text input.
– Updated the {workflow_note} merge tag to support the optional step_id, display_name, and display_date modifiers e.g. {workflow_note: step_id=5 display_name=true display_date=true}.
– Fixed an issue where the {workflow_note} merge tag would not return the note when the merge tag was not processed immediately after the note was added.
– Fixed some strings for translation.
– Fixed a php notice when printing entries.
– Fixed Discussion field merge tag not returning content when used in the step instructions.
– API: Fixed an issue with the add-on slug which prevents feed interception for third party add-ons.
– Fixed a JS error on the entry detail page when a User Input step has an editable Chained Select field and conditional logic is not enabled.

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