Gravity Flow v2.2 Released

Gravity Flow version 2.2 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account area.

This is a feature release that adds some frequently requested enhancements including a new Multi-User Field and assignee search in the step settings UI, new developer features and some important bug fixes.

IMPORTANT: Gravity Flow needs to be upgraded to v2.2 before upgrading to Gravity Forms v2.3.

Highlights in Gravity Flow v2.2

The Multi-User Field

The new Multi-User Field allows users to select multiple assignees from a list. This is particularly useful if you need to allow an assignee to choose multiple assignees for the next step. It works like the single User field so you can select the roles of users that will be listed and it also supports the “enhanced UI” field setting.

To add a Multi-User Field to a form drag and drop it from the Workflow Fields section of the form editor toolbox. You can set the visibility to hidden if you don’t need to display the field on the initial form but display later on in a User Input step.

Assignee Search

A common request from some customers is a way to search for assignees in the step settings without having to scroll down the whole list. The assignee search feature in all the assignee settings is going to save a lot of time for workflow administrators when setting up workflow steps on sites with a lot of users. Note that the search UI only appears when there are more than 10 items in the assignee list.

New Display Fields Setting

The “display fields” step setting allows workflow administrators to select the fields they want to display on the current step. We’ve now added a third option which will display all fields except those selected. This can save a lot of time if your form has a lot of fields and you need to display all fields and only need to hide a few.

Developer Enhancements

We’ve added the gravityflow_step_status_evaluation_approval which allows developers to define custom logic for approval policies e.g. require 5 approvals out of 10 assignees or 50%.

What’s New in Gravity Flow v2.2

  • Added the Multi-User field.
  • Added the filter gravityflow_step_status_evaluation_approval to allow the status evaluation of approval step to check custom logic (X of Y approvals).
  • Added the “Display all fields except selected” choice to the Display Fields setting.
  • Added searching to the lists of assignees.
  • Updated the Sprout Invoices step to support the new Sprout Invoices + Gravity Forms add-on.
  • Updated the existing choice labels in the Display Fields setting to “Display all fields” and “Hide all fields except selected”.
  • Fixed editable Post Image field not being populated with the current entry value on the User Input step.
  • Fixed editable Post Image field value retaining the previous image URL on entry update if the step failed validation.
  • Fixed status export .csv to include duration as a separate column so it is consistent with status export table info.
  • Fixed a PHP warning for the Discussion field.
  • Fixed an issue with the approval step for assignees added via custom code.
  • Fixed some merge tags such as {created_by} being replaced in assignee notifications before the entry was available.

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