Gravity Flow v2.4.1 Released

Gravity Flow version 2.4.1 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account area.

This is a maintenance release which includes various bug fixes and we recommend that customers upgrade as soon as possible.

What’s New in Gravity Flow v2.4.1

  • Fixed the Gravity Perks Nested Forms Add-On integration not delaying the workflow for child entries created before the parent form is submitted.
  • Fixed an issue where Conditional Routing based on what values a Multiuser field contains could lead to extra users being set as step assignees.
  • Fixed conditional assignee routing using the post category field.
  • Fixed the inbox page excess entries indicator displaying a limit of 150 when the page size has been changed using the gravityflow_inbox_paging filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the API function get_timeline would not return all expected timeline values.
  • Updated the licensing checks to expire at a random time to reduce spikes in traffic on the licensing server.

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