Gravity Flow v2.7.1 Released

Gravity Flow version 2.7.1 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account area.

This is a feature and maintenance release which includes bug fixes, improved support for Gravity Forms 2.5 with its enhanced user interface plus some developer features. We recommend that customers upgrade as soon as possible.

What’s New in Gravity Flow 2.7.1

  • Added action gravityflow_step_start for custom logic to perform when any step starts.
  • Fixed an issue with step ordering that causes a conflict with other add-ons that support feed ordering.
  • Fixed an issue that prevents the use of gravityflow_status_filter with an ‘any’ mode selection from being applied correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Icons in the Timeline View to display at the wrong size in Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Order Summary to display on Complete Step even when the setting was disabled.
  • Fixed the entry filter setting to support the filters being passed in the field config which improves Form Connector extension remote site scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML fields conditional logic that affected their display on Workflow Detail page for completed workflows.
  • Fixed the background on Workflow Labels Settings page with Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the Update button on the Workflow Labels Settings page with Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Updated the Status Page to use a CSS Loading Spinner to replace the deprecated Spinner Gif from Gravity Forms Core.
  • Updated the Assignee Email Message Textarea to improve support for the TinyMCE Editor from Gravity Forms 2.5

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