Gravity Flow saves time and organisational stress for Boca Raton Community Church

The Client

Boca Raton Community Church is a church in Florida with a thriving events calendar. We spoke to Joanne, their webmaster, about how she used Gravity Flow to make the Events Director’s life much easier…

The Problem

“We host 75-100 individual events per week, ranging from small meetings to large assemblies. Believe it or not, until a few years ago we managed our entire event process with paper forms! In the past, many “balls got dropped”–for example, a room got double booked, or the maintenance folks didn’t turn on the A/C before an event. Understandably, things got to a breaking point and our events director screamed for help. We didn’t have a large budget to hire an outside consultant or systems analyst, but we did have a webmaster (me!) with a good understanding of WordPress.” 

The Solution

The situation was clearly unsustainable, but thankfully, Joanne found a solution:

“Gravity Flow was there for us to solve the problem. When we mapped out our swim lane diagrams, we were amazed at how complex our process really was. But Gravity Flow could handle it! Things run a lot more smoothly now. And it has really reduced our event director’s cognitive load. When she eventually left our organization a year or so later, I was able to train her replacement in one afternoon.”

The Benefits

“In addition to the low cost, we have really appreciated the power and flexibility of Gravity Flow. One of the unforeseen benefits of configuring the workflows ourselves is that we can continually tweak it as new needs arise. I’ve done that every few months, so our system keeps getting better and better. We’re big fans of Gravity Flow!”

Our best-in-class Gravity Forms workflow tools can make a difference no matter the use-case. 

  • Simple and easy-to-use tools let you configure even the most complex, conditional, and multi-step workflows with over 40 ready-to-use steps and a simple drag-and-drop process builder
  • Feedback and Review Loops let users modify their form entries and re-submit them for approvals
  • Processes for anyone who makes a submission – workflow participants don’t need to have user accounts to be able to make the most of automated processes.

Why not find out more about how Gravity Flow can save your organization time, money, and stress? 

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