Gravity Flow v2.8.3 Released

Gravity Flow version 2.8.3 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account area.

This is a maintenance release that includes a new filter and important bug/performance fixes. We recommend that customers upgrade as soon as possible.

Check out the Gravity Flow 2.8 release post that covers the new features introduced in the latest major version.

What’s New in v2.8.3

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added performance enhancements for the inbox and workflow detail page.
  • Added better handling for the inbox to the workflow details screen link. Cmd + click now loads in new tab without focusing it, left shift + click opens it in a new tab and focuses it.
  • Added support for Workflow merge tags in the merge tag drop-down of Notification subject lines.
  • Added gravityflow_inbox_items_per_page_default filter to allow changing of the default items per page count for all inboxes.
  • Added support for Live Merge Tags within HTML fields on entry details screen.
  • Updated inbox grid strings to be translatable.
  • Updated the inbox to automatically adjust the height of field based or custom columns based on their content.
  • Updated the Workflow Detail Page button styles so the color property is more flexible for theme overrides.
  • Fixed an issue with shortcode detection displaying warning when wp_query->posts is not set such as on wp-login.php.
  • Fixed a warning for sites with license key stored on wp-config.
  • Fixed display issues with the inbox on rtl layouts.
  • Fixed an issue with the inbox settings flyout where the component’s icon is missing.
  • Fixed an issue which can cause fatal errors for some edge case server configurations.
  • Fixed an issue which causes inbox notification preferences to not save.
  • Fixed an issue that causes date fields in legacy mode enabled inboxes to print a duplicate empty column.
  • Fixed an issue that causes date fields in status tables to print a duplicate empty column.
  • Fixed an issue for inbox, status, and submit block where the block form filtering setting allows you to select the placeholder as an option.
  • Fixed an issue with Conditional logic for HTML fields on User Input Step overriding the Display Field Settings.
  • Fixed an issue which prevents users from being able to delete a file from within a User Input step.

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