Get 50% Off All New Gravity Flow Licenses Over Black Friday – Sale Now Live!

If you want to save on the purchase of a Gravity Flow license, now is the time to act!

With the Black Friday weekend fast approaching, we’re delighted to announce that the Gravity Flow Black Friday Sale 2023 is now live!

As part of our biggest promotion of the year, from now until Tuesday, Nov 28th, 11.59 pm (EST) all new purchases of the three Gravity Flow licenses are reduced by 50%.

Thanks to this, you can save up to $228 on our powerful automation and workflow add-on for Gravity Forms. 

And if you don’t have Gravity Forms, don’t worry! Each new license purchase of Gravity Flow includes a one-year Gravity Forms Starter License

Here are the promotion details…

Gravity Flow Black Friday 50% Off

As mentioned, all of the Gravity Flow licenses are discounted by 50% during the Black Friday promotional period, enabling you to save up to $228:

  • New Ultimate Licence – Reduced from $447 to $219 (Save $228)
  • New Pro License – Reduced from $299 to $149 (Save ($150)
  • New Core License – Reduced from $99 to $49 (Save ($50)

All discounts are automatically applied at checkout – there’s no need for a coupon code. Our usual 30-day money-back guarantee applies, so you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied, no questions asked.

Each Gravity Flow License includes a Gravity Forms Starter License for the first year so you won’t have to buy Gravity Forms separately during this period. 

And again, discounts only apply to new licenses. Any license purchased during the Black Friday sale will renew automatically at the regular price at the end of the 12-month license term.

If you want to start using Gravity Flow, purchase a new license before Tuesday, Nov 28th, 11.59 pm (EST) to save 50%. 

Why Choose Gravity Flow?

The Gravity Flow plugin for WordPress works with Gravity Forms to enable you to build custom workflows for automating form-based business processes.

With over 40 action steps to make use of, including approvals, rejections, reverts, and assignments, as well as the ability to use conditional logic to route the form entries, you can get very creative with the unique and complex workflows you build. 

Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow could be the tools you need if your business has form-based processes that are inefficient, or if you have a business process that could be improved by switching to an online form-based solution

Considering the Gravity Flow automated form-based workflows can save you time and money, and as you can now get a new license for 50% off as part of the Black Friday Promotion, picking up Gravity Flow could be a smart business decision. 

Some of the ways organizations have been using Gravity Flow include:

If you’ve had enough of pushing paper around the office or losing track of email communications in your inbox, Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow could be the solution you’re looking for.

Get 50% Off a New Gravity Forms License Too

New Gravity Forms license purchases are also reduced by 50% during the 2023 Black Friday Sale period. 

So while new Gravity Flow license purchases include a one-year Gravity Forms Starter license, you can get access to more of the great Gravity Forms features with 50% off by purchasing one of the other licenses before the sale ends on Tuesday, Nov 28th, 11.59 pm (EST).

Gravity Forms Black Friday 50% Off Promotion Details

Here are the details of the new Gravity Forms Black Friday 2023 offer:

  • 50% Off All New Elite Licenses – Standard Price $259, Black Friday Price $129
  • 50% Off All New Pro Licenses – Standard Price $159, Black Friday Price $79
  • 50% Off All New Basic Licenses – Standard Price $59, Black Friday Price $29

Gravity Forms license discounts are automatically applied at purchase and you can still take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee during the promotional period.

Please note that discounts only apply to new licenses. Any license purchased during the Black Friday sale will renew automatically at the regular price at the end of the 12-month license term.

Why Choose Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a powerful solution for adding a wide range of custom forms to your WordPress website and integrating them with third-party services.

Here are some reasons to choose Gravity Forms for your project:

  • Types of Forms: Editable form templates and an array of form fields make Gravity Forms ideal for creating almost any form for your business or website.
  • Easy to Use: An intuitive yet powerful drag-and-drop form editor makes it easy to create custom forms for your website in minutes.
  • Powerful Form Features: Gravity Forms is packed with all of the features you’d expect from a modern WordPress form builder and more. Conditional logic, merge tags, paginated forms, save and continue, and custom email notification routing, are just some examples. 
  • Extensions and Integrations: A library of regularly updated in-house and third-party add-ons ensures you can extend Gravity Forms and set up integrations in many ways. 
  • Accessible and Compliant: Building WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant forms that are available to all is straightforward with Gravity Forms. 
  • Support and Documentation: Friendly expert support staff and extensive documentation ensure you can get the most out of Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms is a feature-rich form builder for WordPress. It’s easy to use and has all the functionality you’re likely to need. 

Thanks to the many integration options, connecting your forms to a wide range of third-party services to create the solutions your project demands is surprisingly straightforward.

With Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow, you’ll now have the tools to automate those manual tasks that take up time and resources.

If that sounds good, why not pick up a new Gravity Forms license and/or a new Gravity Flow license before Tuesday, Nov 28th, 11.59 pm (EST).

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